a person who communicates with others
Derivationally related forms: ↑communicate
Hypernyms: ↑person, ↑individual, ↑someone, ↑somebody, ↑mortal, ↑soul
alarmist, ↑allegorizer, ↑allegoriser, ↑announcer, ↑articulator, ↑asserter, ↑declarer, ↑affirmer, ↑asseverator, ↑avower, ↑broadcaster, ↑conferee, ↑conferrer, ↑confessor, ↑correspondent, ↑letter writer, ↑gossip, ↑gossiper, ↑gossipmonger, ↑rumormonger, ↑rumourmonger, ↑newsmonger, ↑hisser, ↑informant, ↑source, ↑laudator, ↑lauder, ↑extoller, ↑negotiator, ↑negotiant, ↑treater, ↑persuader, ↑inducer, ↑popularizer, ↑populariser, ↑vulgarizer, ↑vulgariser, ↑presenter, ↑promisee, ↑promiser, ↑promisor, ↑propagandist, ↑propagator, ↑disseminator, ↑publicist, ↑publicizer, ↑publiciser, ↑quoter, ↑rambler, ↑reporter, ↑newsman, ↑newsperson, ↑respondent, ↑responder, ↑answerer, ↑roarer, ↑bawler, ↑bellower, ↑screamer, ↑screecher, ↑shouter, ↑yeller, ↑sender, ↑transmitter, ↑signaler, ↑signaller, ↑signer, ↑swearer, ↑sympathizer, ↑sympathiser, ↑comforter, ↑telepathist, ↑thought-reader, ↑mental telepathist, ↑mind reader, ↑twaddler, ↑waffler, ↑warner, ↑waver, ↑wirer, ↑writer, ↑author

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